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Project Title: Guelph General Hospital – Façade Restoration
Project Location: 115 Delhi Street, Guelph
Owner: Guelph General Hospital
Project Start: Fall 2016
Project Completion: Spring 2017
Consultant: IRC Building Sciences Group

KIB was awarded this demanding restoration project in the Fall of 2016.  The work entailed full sealant replacement, various masonry repairs, curtain wall rehabilitation, duct work waterproofing, structural concrete repairs, guard replacement and structure waterproofing all to be completed during the winter months in order to meet the fiscal deadline of the project.  KIB properly allocated resources and equipment to properly heat and protect the work.  The project was completed on time and under the original budget.

During the project KIB kept the hospital fully operational by providing various overhead protection and pedestrian walk ways, implementing and managing infection control procedures and by working flexible hours through discussion with hospital staff to ensure the hospital operations were not affected by the work.