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K.I.B. Building Restoration Inc is committed to the health and safety of all our employees.

It is through this commitment that we strive to establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, exceeding the requirments set forth by the Occupational Health & Safety Acts and Regulations.

K.I.B. management, in co-operation with workers, is responsible for the design, implementation, and monitoring of our health and safety program. All supervisors and workers will receive training on their respective health and safety responsibilities, and will be individually accountable for fulfilling those responisbilities.

To be effective, safety must be a shared responsibility among all levels in the company: management, supervisors and workers working proactively. To achieve this objective, K.I.B. will utilize the principles of the “Internal Responsibility System” in the preparation and implementation of its health and safety program and in its daily operation.

All sub-contractors, consultants and visitors will be made aware of K.I.B. health and safety rules and shall work in compliance with these requirements as well as the Occupational Health & Safety Act and regulations at all times while working on K.I.B. sites.

K.I.B. Building Restoration Inc. maintains open lines of communication between management and its supervisors and workers, and encourages all employees to voice any concerns he or she may have. All workers must report all unsafe or unhealthy conditions to their supervisors or management as soon as they are obeserved.

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